Removable Security Bollard

Removable Security Bollard Ready for Installation

Safety Sector's removable safety bollards is available in 2 styles. The first style is designed to slide into an in-ground sleeve that is core drilled into the concrete or bitumen. The removable bollard is locked into the sleeve using a simple padlock design whereby the cap on the in-ground sleeve is secured with a steel shackle already welded onto the bollard. The second type is a variation on the surface mount bollards with a lockable heavy duty receiver on the ground's surface. The removable bollard with locks is particularly used in areas where the ground cannot be core-drilled such as suspended slabs or areas with shallow underlying utilities. The  removable security bollard and the receiver is securely joined together via internal locking system with unique keys. Safety Sector offers express delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Fast courier service to all other major cities in Australia, please take time to explore our range of products and place your order today.