32xDL Wall Mount Brochure Holders

32xDL Wall Mount Brochure Holders

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This 32xDL Wall brochure holders is one of the most innovative design in the current market. Each Wall mount brochure holder is made in injection moulded clear plastic with two holes for wall mounting installation. You can make a wall brochure system with this lit-loc brochure design, it has a linking channel on the side of each brochure holder for you to link them together. If you looking to add more brochure holder in this system in the future you can purchase additional DL wall mount brochure holder lit-loc. Each brochure holder pocket holds an DL size (100x210mm) in portrait format, with a 30mm pocket depth.

These wall mount brochure holder are the cheapest option for wall brochure display. If you looking for similar brochure holder, please take a look on the 16xDL Wall brochure holder or 8xDL Wall brochure holder.

Made with 3mm thick acrylic and pocket width of 30mm.

Wall Rail available for faster and easier installation. Please click here to find Wall Rails.

Note: Each wall rail holds 420mm of brochure holder, you might need more than one rails depending on your wall brochure holder configuration.

Large Base Bracket available to transform this wall mounted brochure system to counter stand. Confuse about what type of brochure system you need? Simply CALL our office number, we are all brochure holder specialist.

Material: Clear acrylic
Dimensions: 900L x 300H x 160D

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